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Student 4 Hire
Saturday, March 4
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Need some work done in the yard or around the house? Our S2M middle school and high school students are raising money for summer camp and student choir mission tour. Hire a group and your donations help them reach their financial goals! Please call the church office at 407-862-3893 before Wednesday, Feb. 22nd to hire a team. Be ready to describe the type of work you’d like done, how many students it will take to complete the job and how long you expect it to take.


Working as a Student 4 Hire is a great way to earn money for summer camp and/or your Student Choir Mission Tour. Sign up to secure your spot. Pick up and drop off on the 4th is on the South Campus. Please bring gloves, a rake, your lunch and a bottle of water. Adult volunteers are needed to drive the students to their job sites and work alongside them throughout the day. As an adult volunteer, you can either earn money for your student’s trip or money for your own trip as a chaperone. Contact Dawn Fox in the church office for more information or to volunteer!